Narravero can be translated as “let it speak”. And the name says it all: products become your best dialogue partner. Whether it’s legal requirements for transparency or a desired real-time dialog: Companies have to take more and more requirements, wishes and needs of customers, suppliers, partners and politics into account. Narravero provides the solution for companies and end customers.

Mastering the Complexity of Global Supply Chains

New regulations such as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act mean a huge effort for companies, but also an immense opportunity. Narravero documents the value chain of a product at B2B, B2C and B2G level and displays the information in a way that is appropriate for the target group. It doesn’t matter who asks what information and when – thanks to Narravero, all the answers are now literally in the product itself.

Narravero is a digital SaaS platform that enables companies to digitize the complete lifecycle of a product in a compliant, cost-efficient and extremely easy-to-use way: from its creation including complete supply chain documentation in a Digital Product Passport (DPP), through customer-oriented use and after sales services of the product, to its disposal or reuse.

All You Need is a Smartphone

In order to use Narravero, both companies for documentation and end customers for reading the information only need a standard smartphone. An NFC chip on the product stores all information securely and reliably either in a cloud or on the blockchain. No extra hardware is required.

Already curious? In the podcast interview with the Tech Briefing, Narravero founder Thomas L. Rödding reports on what Narravero’s absolute strength is and how intelligent technology can master even the greatest complexity.

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Narravero was created by the company of the same name based in Münster/Westphalia. Its founder Thomas L. Rödding is considered a pioneer in the digital recording of the origin and provenance of products throughout the EU and leads important technological developments towards corporate practice in committees such as DIN and CEN / CENELEC.

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From traditional manufacturing companies to specialized medium-sized businesses to large retail chains: We are currently accompanying various companies on their journey from having to offer transparency to wanting to promote transparency in order to promote growth.

Selection of Companies Relying on Narravero

Italian Premium Footwear Manufacturer: Real and Impressive Glimpses into the Supply Chain

The Italian shoe manufacturer Stefano Bemer uses particularly high-quality materials for its products. The traditional company produces individual, tailor-made shoes by hand and offers numerous service solutions. Thanks to Narravero, the exclusive shoe brand Stefano Bemer shows its customers real insights into the supply chain and thus makes its shoes transparent. In addition, the company offers further information on the artisanal origin and the materials used, as well as on the care and repair of the shoes.

German Manufacturer of Professional Protective Cases & Bags: After Sales Cost Reduction & Excellent Customer Service

B&W International develops suitcase and bag solutions for wholesalers and retailers, service providers and renowned producers from a wide range of industries or large equipment suppliers to the trades as well as private professionals. With Narravero, the special case manufacturer offers a digital product passport for its bicycle cases and bags. The electronic passport provides information on the manufacture and processing of the products and gives customers information on materials, manufacturing steps, compliance, certificates and sustainability. The complete after sales service is shifted “into” the product. Whether reorders, repairs or additional accessories: customers can now conveniently express their wishes and place orders directly on site. Massive cost reductions and excellent customer service go hand in hand.

German Food Marketer: Authentic Transparency Without Labels

Münster-based company Lieblingswild GmbH is a pioneer in 100% transparency for food marketing in game & forestry. The company works closely with hunters and butchers from the region. Lieblingswild attaches great importance to transparency towards its clientele. With Narravero technology, customers can trace the game meat’s origin history with pack accuracy – including the hunting ground, the shooter and the method of killing.

We are currently working on our website and will soon present a lot more information about our company, our technology and possible applications here – for full transparency on our own behalf. Are you interested in our services, do you have questions about possible applications or any other request? Then please feel free to write to us at

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